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Business Strategy & Branding

Let us help you make your brand stand out in a market with such fierce competition. Our team will help with studying the competitive landscape and learn your company’s purpose. This will help us deliver the best solution for your company. We will give you the tools that you need to deliver the best experiences for your customers to reinforce your brand.

Online Reputation MANAGEMENT

PMG understands that you have a business to run. Let us mange the reviews from your customers which would include sending review requests, analyzing reviews and post publicly so that future customers can see your rave reviews. We believe that the best way to a successful business is through your customers which in turn will help create new and repeat customers.


Sometimes you just can’t have everyone attend your event or your wedding. Let us solve that problem by livestreaming your event. By livestreaming your event you will open your event up to possible dormant members who will be more inclined to attend your event next time. It also provides an inexpensive way of sharing your information with employees and customers.

social media management

Social media is a great way to enhance your brand, by showcasing your business, listening to your audience and engaging with them. We will increase engagement and awareness through regularly scheduled original posts across all of your channels. This may include developing creative content with articles, photography, videos and graphics.

Social Media Content Creation

Don’t settle for content that doesn’t represent your core values or your brand. Social media content is one of the most important elements to a successful social media campaign. This is why we will design in-house unique content for your brand for all of your different channels. We want to create posts that will inform, entertain, and educate your followers.


Website Design

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to website creation. Our team will work with you to develop your own Squarespace or Wix website. Our team ensures to go past the surface of the template to create a unique experience for your visitors. Your business has its own identity and we will ensure that your site portrays that.


Our photography team can meet all of your needs from corporate head shots to drone shots of your property. Our services are designed to meet all of your expectations from different packages to the basic to specialty to put your project over the top. Our team has a combination of great talent, expertise, experience, and we use the latest technology to surpass your expectations.